He’s Holding Onto You

Gail, you are so wrong to think that no one loves you.
You are so wrong to think you are alone.
You will never be abandoned by God
And the many blessings that God gives you.
You have a beautiful and wonderful, intelligent, and so caring
Young man for a son to love.
You have a father and a mother who will
Be there for you whenever they can.
You have 2 brothers and a sister
Who God made to be the greatest support of love and hugs.
Your friends are as numerous as the starlit sky.
And by the grace of God, you are lucky, so lucky,
To have such true, caring, dependable friends.
God is in their hearts.

You have such a wonderful and large church family
Who not only share a love for you,
But more… most importantly a love for our Lord and Savior
Who died on the cross for us all, Jesus Christ.
God is Father to them as well.
You have a wonderful Christian college to go to.
So many dedicated children of God are working there
to build and serve for Christ.
They carry a joy and an excitement in their hearts
And gladly allow it to shine before you.
How blessed you are by God to be inspired
By each smile that greets you in passing every day of your life.

You have an inspirational radio to hear in your car,
On your way to sleep, and wherever God leads them.
What a blessing you have to go to them for prayer.
And oh how Godly the voices on the other end exemplify.
Though imperfection lies in the heart of any human,
How great is the Lord when He allows a true Christian
To share his or her strength.

You have an incredibly exciting single’s ministry to attend.
So many Christian singles struggling in the same walk,
To hope for a Godly partner to share in life,
But wisdom and strength to keep God as a top priority.
And though the remember that mercy saves,
they understand disappointment in hurting God.
Isn’t it great to know that someone else cares about hurting God?
Yes… it is.

Praise the Lord that God and Jesus have each other,
As well as the Holy Spirit and the angels for company.
The Lord has blessed you with so many souls to comfort you
Through family and friends… and in the arms of strangers.
They all think so much of you.
They really care if you walk away from God.
Not because they want perfection,
But because they want to see you in heaven,
Because they hope to be there as well.
That’s more than Jesus had.
He had no one and no one cared,
Except for God… the comforter that holds us all together.

Please don’t give up, Gail.
God hasn’t given up on you.
And He never will.
He’s protecting you.
He kept you from an unhealthy relationship
That would have consumed your life.
He protected you even in the midst of hurting Him.
Even after He’s already given His Son to die for you.
That’s the most important and precious gift, blessing, and love
That God has given you.
Jesus Christ is a friend even in the end,
In death, in rejection, in abandonment.
Jesus will never leave.
Oh how you love Jesus, Gail.
You know you do.
And you know He knows you do.
You knows He holds you in His arms, safe and secure,
As a lamb in the arms of a shepherd.
He knows and understands love, rejection, betrayal, disappointment, cruelty,
And true heartache, beyond your imagining.
Let Him embrace you with His open arms.
He will hold you close and never let you go.
Hold onto Him, Gail.
Hold onto Him.
He’s holding onto you.
Praise God, He’s holding onto you.

9-19-98 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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