God, Save My Son!

My son… God save my son!
He’s yours! Always has been!
Before he was in my womb
(by Your grace!).
Thank You for the day
he came to know You “personally”
to tell You that himself!
Praise Your Holy name!
Save him now from himself,
from me,
from anything that would threaten
to steal what is between You and he!
Keep him pure, faithful, strong, confident,
never ceasing to seek You!
Help him to seek you early,
routinely, passionately!
Give him Your wisdom, discernment,
compassion, and PEACE (like none other)!
Please, help him, Lord.
Please save him! For You!
You always have!
Don’t stop now!
We love You always!!

6-1-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

9 thoughts on “God, Save My Son!

  1. Dear one, I know your pain and prayed it for many many years. My son has come back – God chased him down! He came back in his late 30’s. Let that give you hope. I wrote a book which is currently being edited and will be published in June. It is called, My Son His Son. I know you can relate. I am praying God uses it to encourage those who are walking through the pain of rebellion. God Bless you!

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    1. Praise God for your tender heart, Susan! Thank you for the prayers… always invaluable! I praise Him too for bringing your son back, and that He and Jesus have their own relationship.
      Your book sounds like it s a God given blessing. I look forward to reading it some day, Lord willing. And I pray that glorifies Himself every day in it. He can do mighty things with that which He has given and favored. Praying God’s favor over your every day… for your son as well! God loves you!

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