God Knows 7.3.11

God knows where I have been
when He has led me there.
He was the one preparing me
for things I could not bear.
Confused from the moment of arrival,
my confusion continued to grow.
To know when the white flag was heeded,
only God did know.
How precious His journey for me has been.
I’ve treasured every minute.
I never would have ventured
if He had not been in it.
So now of course I move
praying He still comes along,
trusting He still leads me,
even when I am wrong.
He knows my every step
long before I do.
If He knew I was going,
He knew He’d go too
because all my prayers
are to stay in His will.
I know He wants the same for me.
I know He loves me still.

7-3-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

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