It is so easy to be offended,
so easy to feel we’ve been wronged.
We tell ourselves we have a right to be angry
and allow our resentment to go on.
That bitterness can lead us astray
and convince us we have a right
to take vengeance ourselves.
If anything, to make sure it’s done right.
But God is the only one who is justified
in giving discipline or punishing sin.
He created the person who offended us
and tolerates it in us again and again.
Before we know it our emotions have raged
and we have taken it upon ourselves to play God.
Sometimes we even have the nerve to gloat
or blatantly admit we don’t care if it was right or not.
And oh how quickly we fight with God
that we are to be forgiven of guilt that doesn’t exist.
But God is the only true God
and of course, does not agree with this.
How grateful THEN we are
for God’s mercy when we confess OUR sin.
We gladly accept redemption
for ourselves, our families, and our friends.
Be careful, dear soul, not to offend your God
in thinking you have a right to object anytime.
God may lose His patience and mercy for you.
It may cost you your own soul and life.

6-20-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

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