My Temple Baptist Church Family

Church family…
what does that mean to me?
In the past it has been a place of rejection,
condemnation, and a death threat every Sunday.
But there was nothing to worry about,
they only preached it on Sunday.
They never cared the rest of the week.
When I was an unwed teen mom,
it was a place I was no longer welcome.
When my son was a toddler, it became a place of love.
People were so caring… at church.
But never have I experienced the TV church family.
You know, where they come to visit,
take the kids for events,
cook and bring food over,
and the pastor himself comes to the hospital,
as well as the pastor’s wife herself!
Never… till now!
Temple Baptist Church is this church family!
They are not a televised sitcom church family.
They are MY church family… and I love them.

5-15-03 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
I am so grateful for the many loving years the Lord gave me and my son, and other family and friends at Temple! My son received his Christian schooling from 6th grade to graduation there, was a part of the P.I.T. Crew (Preacher’s in Training), and chose a Bible College from their influence and their great financial support. God bless each one, Lord. Thank You for making us a part of that permanent church family no matter where we are living or attending church! ❤

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