He’s Redeveloping My Negative Memories

Memories have been such a good thing to me,
Reminding me of loved ones I’ve shared time with.
But memories can be such a torturous event,
Tempting with sin, saying I won’t pay for it.
I had no desire for these desires that desire me,
But they visit for a moment to plead their case.
At first they’re wonderful but then I become ashamed.
I cannot do these things if I want to see Jesus’ face.
I know my life did not start out the greatest,
Certainly not the purest by any means,
But God made me live and brought me through,
And His Son’s blood says I am clean.
I know Satan wants to throw memories at me.
He was there to know what makes me weak.
But he was not there in my heart when Jesus came
And I said, I only want to hear you speak.”
Jesus gave me a whole new thinking process.
He has redeveloped the negatives in my mind.
He imprints permanent positives in my soul,
Making it easier to leave yesterday far behind.

5-15-03 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

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