Leadership Needs Prayer

Lord, we are a team that serves
this company, each other, and You.
We have so many troubles going on.
It’s hard to know what to do.
Our boss is not a boss who leads,
nor one who serves his employees.
Instead, he is a boss that follows
and then betrays for what he needs.
We try our best to honor him
in the duties that he asks,
but nothing seems to satisfy.
He just loves to give the task.
And yet he is a person, too,
who seeks to serve his Lord.
Jesus died for this soul
who seeks You in Your word.
Leadership is a responsibility,
You, Oh Lord, know so well.
Guide him with Your Holy hand.
Let the truth be soon unveiled.
Keep Your hand over all of us.
Help him remember we all have lives.
Thank You, that You have been watching
with Your faithful and Holy eyes.

12-13-01 Written by Gail Brookshire

(by the grace of God)

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