Love’s Wounds Unseen

Pain and agony

within a heart so young.

Beauty upon the face,

yet nothing can be done.

The soul who gave her love away

to a man with a ring

in faith that he would never stray,

but support her fragile wing.

Laid beneath the knife that cut,

to give their child a breath.

To give to him the son he wanted,

she knocked on the door of death.

Through the many nights of tears,

she laid and cried in doubt

knowing that someone else was holding

the man who gave their love out.

Stricken by so many hands

of a lover who shared her life,

she was once a maiden in love,

yet became a battered wife.

Now even with the children grown,

she is careful to keep it hidden.

For their marriage is still sacred to her

because to the family divorce is forbidden.


10-9-91 Written by Gail Brookshire

(by the grace of God)

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