God, I Was Rejected

God, I was rejected for my heart
and it’s torn me apart.
I felt the rejection of saying
I wasn’t good enough.
But I can’t give up on poetry,
it’s something I love.
Even if I never win,
I know I’ll always write.
I just wish I could share it with the world
and make someone feel alright.
The only thing I know to do
is to pray to you and believe.
I can’t give up on my dreams
just because of an award I didn’t receive.
To all those who send your poetry
to any poetry contest,
don’t give up because you lose.
Inside you’re still the best.

4-18-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
PS. This was written over the 1st rejection I ever received from entering a poetry contest.
I have been published several times since then, but as long as I am writing for God that is all that matters to me! ❤ Whatever He asks of me to do with the gift He gave!

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