In the dark I close my eyes
and hope it’s all a dream.
I search for an explanation
for all that it may seem.
In a dash, I run to find
the switch to shine the light.
I flip it up to chase away
the horrors of the night.
Light fills the room within.
My world is safe again.
I can lay my head to rest
without fearing my end.
But I must make it clear to you,
Do not take my light.
You’ll open up a hidden door
that leads into the night.

7-17-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God0
PS. I use to be so horrifyingly afraid of the dark. I could be sound asleep, even for hours, but if someone went to turn the light off I would wake up and point my hand directly at them and say, “Don’t turn that light off!” I praise the Lord for taking that from me.

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