My Confusing Life

Our world is all a jungle,
with everyone throwing their claws.
I feel as if I’m the chewing gum
between their flapping jaws.
How do I do this to myself
when all I want is love?
And when I find someone to care,
I have to give them up?
I’m so confused about my life.
Things just keep on getting worse.
And the more I’m loved by another,
the more I tend to hurt.
So many thoughts run through my mind,
it’s all a flashing light.
Help me to keep my strength
to continue to want to fight.
I don’t know what to say or do.
My heart is just so cold.
Help me keep the spirit,
so the smile I may hold.

5-11-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
( by the grace of God)

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