Hi, My Darling

Hi, my darling.
How are you?
Are you doing fine?

I thought I would
write this letter
to say you’re on my mind.

It’s really not
all that much
the things you do for me.

It is the way
I feel inside
when you make me happy.

I pray our love
will be the kind
to last us through it all.

And when I lay
down to sleep,
it is your name I’ll call.

I do not know
where you are,
yet I know your heart is true.

And when we are
apart like this,
I know you’re feeling blue.

That is why
I know it’s right
to be in love tonight.

So till we join
hand in hand,
sweet dreams to you good night.

5-11-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

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