Feeling a Storm

Windows losing sight of all,
nothing there to see.
Soon the light is taken too.
Walls will soon surround me.
Unlock this little sheltered cell.
Release my imprisoned soul.
Searching for some breathing space.
Losing self-control.
Threatening sounds of terror cry.
Unwelcome visions appear.
Closing my eyes and protecting my ears,
still seems I see and hear.
Trying to be patient, hope sets in
wishing love and peace.
Nerves are all that remain to save.
Storming will never cease.
Open a brightened passageway.
Show me to the sun.
Tell me what it was I said,
and what I’ve ever done.
Save me, help me, rescue me.
Protest with strong defense.
Mold into perfection
all that makes no sense.
Feel the falling tears and pain.
The world has left a scar.
Serenity and sweet romance
are vanished forever afar.

4-4-89 Written by Gail Brookshire

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