Patterns of You

Patterns of You go lovingly by.
Your canvas lies within the sky.
A majestic mixture of parts of You.
A darkened shadow, a beautiful blue.
Layers of light through layers of clouds.
I find a calming peace amidst the crowds.
As far as my eye can see,
You have designed this moment just for me.
I drift with the artwork You’ve sent my way.
I pause and listen for what You have to say.
Caressing my soul You comfort me with thought.
No need to search when I have been sought.
Never do You leave me when shadows come.
You are my shelter when life feels numb.
In Your arms I am safe to feel free
Of any fear that would threaten me.
Drifting in patterns of glorious You,
I feel safe to say I love You… and I do.

2-14-17 Monday
written by Gail Brookshire

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