Persuasive Reflections

Walking along the water’s edge
I see the reflecting light playfully dance.
I pause to catch a glimpse of a memory
that leads me into a trance.
The warmth of the sun comforts me
just as fear tries to invade.
So many memories are there to reflect on.
So many were made.
A splash of life engages me
and my attention is on the flying wings.
They flutter in playful flight.
When they pause, the owner sings.
Suddenly my mind wonders again
to a memory of song.
I try to remember the connection,
but it has been too long.
Saddened by the loss, I retreat
and embark on a safe place,
one I have created with bits and pieces,
along with a safe face.
Entertaining for only so long,
I return to my present scene.
How beautifully kind nature is
to persuasively ask to be seen.

8-4-17 Friday
written by Gail Brookshire

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