Interesting Tree

Interesting tree… you intrigue me.
You make me think on friends and family.
Twisted and tangled in an open mess,
Yet private and rooted beneath the press.
So many entanglements choking the roots,
Yet twisted branches conceal the truths.
You can’t prune one to save the other.
They are support for one another.
Even the stronghold that grips the tree
Is not something that can be set free.
Someday a landscaper will attempt to try,
Maybe even so the tree won’t die.
But no one will ever know the true being
Of this tree of beauty they’re seeing.
Maybe it will be best to cut away.
How painful for the tree that day,
Yet even I wonder how it will do.
Will all the sayings be true?
All I see for now are these beautiful limbs
Creating this unique reflection of Him.

1-7-17 Friday written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: The tangled tree at ACW

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