Believing In Our Prayers

Believing in our prayers to God
is essential to their outcome,
even if as with Zacharias,
God chooses to answer some.
For as the prayer was answered
and John would be his son,
Gabriel told him his unbelief
would cause him to be struck dumb.
He could not speak or share
his good news of God’s gift.
He would have to wait
until the curse did lift.
Mary, however, believed
in something not possible with man.
But she knew with God,
nothing is impossible by His hand.
She was counted blessed
as Gabriel shared the news
that Jesus would be her son.
He was come to save the Jews.
Believe in God when you pray
and in what you pray for.
Give faith and belief
to honor our mighty Lord.

5-18-12 Written by Gail Brookshire
(Inspiration: Luke 1)

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