God Said Yes

God could have said, “Yes”
when Jesus asked for another way.
He could have granted His Son’s prayer
by simply saying, “Okay.”
He could have said,
“They’re really not worth the effort.
There’s no point in trying to save them.
There’s no need for You to hurt.”
He could have called us a waste,
and do as most parents would,
cater to whatever the child asked for,
forsaking doing what was good.
But God was thinking of all His children
and allowed His Son to save.
To reconcile us all to God,
Jesus was sent to His grave.
But only for a moment
did that dark and cold tomb
hold the hope of the world
in such a dark and cold gloom.
For that Father who sent His Son
called, “Jesus, Come forth!”
Then removed His Son’s cup
and gladly said, “Yes.”

5-30-15 written by Gail Brookshire

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