Content Being Just Yours

Many times I have leaned on a shoulder
of someone giving me courage to be bolder.
Many times I have wept and cried
to someone staying so close by my side.
Cheer and excitement, joy and pleasure,
I have shared with someone I treasure.
Yet through the years of trying love,
you sent me something from you above.
Contentment that life is just you and me.
The best relationship ever has set me free.
Blessed with singleness, I am set aside.
I am to be no one else’s bride.
All my gain from companionship
has always been your sweet fellowship.
Strengthening me. Strengthening my day.
You’ve been there to encourage me all the way.
No other strength could be so giving.
Being just yours makes life worth living.

6-2-15 written by Gail Brookshire
For my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ❤

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