Cleaning the Slates

The noise… what is that noise?!
That loud and ugly sound!
I’m seeking for that unpleasantness.
I wonder what will be found.
Sin! That loud and ugly monster
is roaring down below.
The many temptations that beset me
are refusing to let go.
They scream. They shout.
They threaten me with fear.
They fail to notice
You standing so near.
They beg. They plead.
They forget.
They’ve already filled me
with enough regret.
They whine. They cry,
and act as if they care.
They forget
I’ve already been there.
I fill with anger
and display my hate
by casting stones
and cleaning the slates.
The noise is dying.
There’s a calming quiet.
You have won
this fierce and ugly fight.

3-29-15 Written by Gail Brookshire

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