By the Fire With You

What a wonderful place to be…
here by the fire with You.
You are that comforting flame…
everything majestic about this view.
The sound of Your voice
reminds me of a safe place.
I’m enjoying this privilege
of talking to You face to face.
You are Holy and Righteous,
Glorious in every way…
sharing with me Your wisdom
on how to get through each day.
How could I be anything
but awestruck and in wonder?
How sobering to be in Your presence
when I hear You thunder.
This direction You are giving,
this discipline You are commanding
will lead me in paths of righteousness
and cause me to dwell in understanding.
How strengthened You make a soul.
I cling to Your embrace.
Your presence will be with me
no matter what I face.

3-25-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspired by Pastor Jimmy preaching Moses… A Man for the Ages

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