Who Is My Pharaoh

Who is my Pharaoh
is the question I’m given.
My mind has been so distracted
with the plagues I’m living.
Who is it that defies my faith
because he despises my God?
Who is it that dares to stand
and say to God, I will not!”
Though warned again and again
to let me and my people go,
who is this Pharaoh
that refuses with his, No!
Life, Life, that’s his name
trying to convince me to quit.
But my God is greater
and just won’t allow it.
Parting the sea of giving up,
His rod has broken up
the dread that overwhelms me
with his pillar and fire of love.
God will not ask any more.
He will make my way to escape.
He will lead me to His mountain
where He will begin to shape
my soul for His future
my heart for His desire.
He is sending my iron
through the hottest of the fire.
When I have made it through
this desert made just for me,
my Pharaoh will be long forgotten
and buried in the sea.
The fire will be out,
the walls of water sealed,
and I and my people
will be free and healed.

3-1-15 Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Pastor Jimmy asking Who is our Pharaoh.
A follow up to What would we name our desert?
Man… A Man of the Ages inspired

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