My Gift is Yours

This writing You gave me years ago
has always been between just us,
but You have allowed it to bless others,
thereby glorifying the name of Jesus.
Many times You have been my friend
to come to with my problems in ink.
Many times You have rescued me
when my life convinced me I would sink.
Your words have always encouraged me first,
as I was always blessed to read first.
And then You have delightfully surprised me
when others have said it quenched their thirst.
A thirst for You and an encouraging word
to comfort their aching soul.
You have allowed this pen
to help You make others feel whole.
Thank You for sharing with me
and all those You’ve shared Yourself with.
To honor and glorify Your Holy name
is my ever prayerful wish.

2015 written by Gail Brookshire

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