Sweet Jesus #1

What a name You have to love.
A name given from our God above.
Your name is exalted above the rest.
Your love will win the test.
It’s hard to live without You.
Why would I want to doubt you?
You’re all I’ll ever need in life.
You’re my only comfort through pain and strife.
It’s just no use to try and run.
I’ll always love You. You’re the only one.
So as I lay my head to rest,
I deeply pray for You the best.
Keep my soul engraved for God,
and know that I love You more than a lot.

6-29-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)* The (#1) is because as I have looked back over my poetry through the years, I have found poems titled the same not realizing I had more than one with same title. I have used this title 3 times…lol.

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