God, I Need You

God, I need You.
Don’t I always?
But God, I know I need You.
I want to need You.
I love needing You.
You are my life, my soul,
and my every reason for loving.
I need You in my life to breathe.
I need You to guide me through
those paths You have chosen for me.
I need You to know who
that Mr. Right is and to know
what he wants, needs, and deserves.
I want a man who needs a woman
who knows He loves God more,
fast, and better.
I need You to see us through
our heartaches and our joys,
our tragedies and our celebrations,
our pain and our laughter,
our tears and our smiles.
I need You in my life
simply because I need You.
please say You need me too.
Because even if you don’t,
I still need You.
I want You,
and I love You.
And always will.

6-26-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

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